Saturday, December 1, 2012

I just now realized all my blog posts weren't actually posting.

Kinsler Jay Wiseman is here and doing great now. He was born at 5:48pm. 7lbs 8oz. About 20 or 30 minutes before I had him I was able to feel everything. This was my third delivery and I had never felt pain like that before. His head was sideways so they rolled me onto basically my stomach to get him to turn and they upped my epidural twice. After 15 minutes it took effect and it was smooth sailing from there. (Longest 15 minutes of my life though) ;)
The doctor came in and told me it was time to push and I could feel nothing at all since they upped the epidural so high. I literally felt nothing. When the doctor asked if I wanted to see, I thought she meant see his head crowning or something so I answered no. (I had my eyes closed to concentrate on pushing). When I opened my eyes for a second to ask if I should try to push again the doctor was holding him wiping him off. My first words were "I already delivered him?!" With that I heard his first cry.

Friday, November 30, 2012

5:55pm He is here

Uh oh!

5:13pm Definitely started to feel everything plus some. They upped the epi twice and rolled me forward to get his head to turn. I have yelled at BJ and threatened to hit him. Oops! It's official, I'm in labor.
On aside note my last 2 deliveries were sooooo easy. This boy is determined to make me work!!

Gimmie more!!

4:34 pm Starting to feel it all, so they upped the epi. He said it takes about 15 min to go into effect. Starting to feel a tiny bit of pressure in the buttock region. ;) ( tmi). That means push time isn't far off.

Still waiting

Still waiting for the urge to push. I'm feeling the contractions a bit thru the epidural but nothing horrible.

Mom and BJ are making fun of me and how I didn't want to come to doctor this morning because I didn't want them to think I was faking. :)

Strep b meds

I was able to get my first dose of meds. They wanted it in me for 4 hours before I can get the next dose, but not sure I will make it to 5pm for the second dose. That means the baby will have to get the antibiotics after he is born.